Why are you doing this?
Years ago I used to shoot portraits and fashion in London and since then I’ve always had a fascination with the emotions people have with looking down the lens. I wanted to explore the way we value and judge ourselves. Personally I don’t take photos of people who fancy themselves as they often can’t offer anything new. My aim is to post one portrait a day for a year and make it as diverse as possible.

Do I have to pay to take part? 
No! This is free no cost at all to take park. However if you would like the Hi Res image to be sent to you after I would really appreciate it if you could  make a donation to charity. Please get in touch for further information.

What are you going to do with these photos?
I’m just uploading them to this website with a vision of having an exhibition in the distant future.

I’m interested but not photogenic, shy and not sure what to do. Can we have a chat about all of this first?
Sure we can and don’t worry most people feel the same as you do right now. I can show you a long list of emails I get from people after a shoot on how they feel after seeing themselves on this website.

Do you let the person see the photo before you post it?
Yes! I usually know when I have the shot I am looking for and then start editing as soon as I can. You have every right to object and have me remove the image but it’s rare that this ever happens.

Do I have to show my face?
This is a very personal experience so you bring to it whatever you feel you want to see be it emotionally or physically.

Do you have a make up artist or can I bring one with me?
I’m sorry this is not an opportunity for a fashion shoot. Granted some shots might look like that but I take the shot as the person is when I meet them and I am trying very hard not to allow it to go down a ‘pretty people’ road. If you would like a fashion shoot then feel free to get in touch.

Will you use Photoshop to make me look younger?
Why would you want me to do that? Life has given you the face and body you have, you should be proud of that.

Why are you including nudes?
As I said before this is a very personal experience and emotionally people feel that photography as a medium helps them to come to terms with stuff. People are usually afraid of nudity when it is not packaged for the consummation of male entrainment. Someone told me it felt like  “shedding” layers, accepting herself as she really was and feeling great joy from this.

Do you accept couples?
Yes I do! Even if you want to turn up with you pet, this really is an open arena for you to explore but again please do not see this as an opportunity for a free photo shoot as I shall only be taking a photo for the project, you can always hire me if you want anything more.

Do you have an age limit?
Under 18 with parent or guardian consent only, please get in touch for the necessary paperwork beforehand.

Do you pay anyone you photograph?
Sometimes yes, only if I approach them for a particular reason but most of the time I offer them a copy of the print. If anyone comes demanding money then I refuse.

Can I get a copy of the image you take?
Yes sure! I will email it to you to do whatever you like with it. I am very pleased to announce that Equal Partners Foundation has agreed to be the nominated charity for contributions for Hi Res prints. If you would like me to send you the Hi Res print of the shot taken of you on this site then all I ask is that you kindly donate what you can via bank transfer to the organisation. More information and bank details can be found at: http://www.equalpartners.org.mt/fundraising-please-give

Due to the tremendous amount of time this project takes I am unable to offer more then the chosen image on the day.

Are you only doing this in Malta?
No! I live on Malta for most of the year but travel quite a bit so if you would like to take part please get in touch. 

I would like to link to this website or write an article about the project?
Oh thank you that would be great, let’s meet for a beer or on Skype then.

How can I get in touch?
I live in St. Julians Malta and can be contacted via the form on this website or via the facebook page

Can I hire you for other work?
You sure can 🙂 Weddings, family portraits, corporate events  I’ve even done a divorce party.  Contact me via the form on this website and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.